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Tiny Love Wonder Buddy Leonardo Lion - Orange

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Barcode: 7290108862515
Feature: Light & Sound
Age: 12M+
Material: Plastic

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    Caret Down

    Leonardo Lion is a smart buddy that can do wonders for your little toddler's development. The cute lion toy is equipped with seven interactive activities that boost your one-year-old's development. Feed Leonardo an apple to hear them nibble, hide the lion toy under a blanket for it to whistle, or put Leonardo to bed for amusing snoring sounds. Smart interactive sensors allow for a unique interaction between the wonder buddy and your little one, and their buddy will become their best friend! Each Wonder Buddy includes 7 complimentary play cards to inspire and add fun stories to tell. All 3 toys for 1 year old development will have your toddler laughing with delight as well as stimulating the following developmental wonders: emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity, gross motor skills, cognition, language and communication and senses.

    Cognition: Teach your little one about their Wonder Buddy's different body parts. When pressing the belly say, "What happens when I press his belly? He giggles!" This game will improve their vocabulary and teach them about cause and effect, developing their cognitive skills.

    Emotional Intelligence: Lay Thomas on a balanced surface and explain your little one about patience, while you wait for the Wonder Buddy to fall asleep. He will start snoring! This teaches the principle of delayed gratification, helping your child to develop their emotional intelligence.

    Gross Motor Skills: Wonder Buddy Thomas makes the funniest bouncy noises, when he goes for a walk! Have your little one mimic its bouncy sounds at different speeds, fostering their development of rhythm, coordination and physical control. This stimulates their gross motor skills.

    Fine Motor Skills: Encourage your little one to pick up Thomas' snack and to feed their buddy. This will help your child understand and practice daily activities, while strengthening their fine motor skills by grabbing the snack and putting it near their Wonder Buddy's mouth

    * 7 interactive activities innovatively designed to develop your 1+ year old.
    * Complimentary developmental cards give you tips for fun and learning.
    * Play patterns promote understanding of cause and effect as well as daily skills.
    * Perfect for playing independently and parent-child bonding activities.
    * 2 AA batteries required.

    Product Dimensions: 6.5 X 10 X 10.5
    Weight: 0.1 Kg


    Caret Down

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