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Didobaby Didopoucher Holder - Turquoise

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Barcode: 8437014213171
Feature: Pouch Holder
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Turquoise

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    Caret Down

    Didopoucher is the perfect complement for your baby's self-feeding stage. With its innovative and functional design, this holder is suitable for pouches and fruit boxes, providing you with a versatile and practical solution. With Didopoucher, baby led weaning becomes even easier, more comfortable and safer. Its main feature, the fact that it is TWO TO ONE, allows you to flip the support and use it with both fruit bags and juice boxes, adapting to the changing needs of your little one.

    Thanks to its double slot, this support is compatible with the vast majority of pouches available on the market. You can be sure that your favorite brand of pouch will fit perfectly in this practical accessory.

    Ergonomics are key when it comes to baby products, and Didopoucher takes that into account. Its small ergonomic handles are designed to adapt perfectly to baby’s little hands, encouraging their independence and facilitating a safe grip on the bag or juice brick. Safety and cleanliness are fundamental aspects. Without small parts that could represent a danger, this support is designed without slots or gaps where food can accumulate, making it easy to clean.

    In addition, it has a safety closure that the baby cannot open, but it is easy to open for adults and makes it easy to place the pouch quickly and easily. Use of Didopoucher is extremely simple and practical. You just need to flip the support depending on whether you are going to place the pouch or the juice brick, open the lid, insert it, and that’s it. With its intuitive design, you will save time and effort during feeding your baby, allowing you to enjoy that precious moment with peace of mind.

    • Encourage self-feeding.
    • Dishwasher safe, mess free.
    • No small parts, safe for baby.
    • Innovative and functional design.
    • Made of high quality Polypropylene (PP).
    • 180 degree (2 to 1 function) for pouch and for fruit boxes.
    • Ergonomic handles adapted for baby's hands.
    • Suitable to most pouches, thanks to its double slot.
    • VERSATILE FEEDING SUPPORT: Didopoucher is the perfect holder when your baby starts self-feeding. Its innovative, functional design is ideal for reusable baby food pouches and fruit boxes, providing you with a versatile and practical solution, making self-feeding a breeze
    • TWO TO ONE: The pouch holder flips over and can be used with fruit bags and juice boxes, adapting to the changing needs of your little one. The double slot makes it compatible with a number of pouches, making it a practical accessory to add to your newborn essentials
    • COMPATIBLE & SAFE: Didopoucher simplifies the process of baby-led weaning, making it easier, more comfortable, and safer. It supports the different needs of your little one, accommodating their preferences
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Small handles encourage independence and a safe grip, helping your baby transition to self-feeding. The handles are designed to adapt perfectly to your baby’s little hands
    • SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN: No small parts or gaps to collect food residue make it easy to clean. The Didopoucher has a child-proof safety closure that is easy to open for adults and for peace of mind

    *Do not microwave

    Product Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 15.5 cm
    Weight: 0.15KG


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