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Story Time Chess Story Book Chess: The Game

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    Caret Down

    Explore Story Time Chess, the exciting children's board game that won the 2021 Toy of The Year Award! This game is great for kids, and you don't need to know chess beforehand. The board is special with two sides and uses add more fun. Kids will love this unique experience. Story Time Chess has won 17 awards, including the 2021 Toy of The Year People’s Choice, 2021 Webby’s Family & Kids, and the 2021 ASTRA Best Game For Kids. It's the most awarded kids' board game ever! Enjoy playtime and learning with Story Time Chess. Each move reveals a new part of the game's story. It's not just a game but a way for kids to learn strategic thinking. Order now and let your child discover the magic of chess in an exciting story!

    * Adventure in Chess: Chess has been shown to develop multiple cognitive and emotional skills that will benefit your child throughout their entire life. But teaching the game of chess to younger children has always been challenging. Not anymore!!
    * No Chess Experience is Required: We made the game of chess come alive, and the rules and strategy of the game are woven through fun and engaging stories. Characters, stories, activities, and imagery help kids as young as 3 learn the moves, strategies, and language of chess.
    * Over 30 Mini Games: Story Time Chess includes over 30 mini games that enhance the journey as your child learns the various moves and strategies of chess, and they are all designed in a fun an engaging way.
    * Dual-Sided & Dual Purposed: Chess pieces and a beautifully crafted storybook, drawn by the award-winning former Disney illustrator Ryan Terry. Our custom chess pieces and chess board are also dual-sided, meaning they can also be used for regular chess or tournament play


    Caret Down

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    Caret Down
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